Client Briefing Guide


It is our aim that all our client relationships develop into true partnerships. To help us identify your creative requirements and develop that partnership we have compiled a list of questions to consider:


Q. Tell us about your company, it's background, products or services.


Q. Who do you consider to be your main competitors?


Q. What do you like or dislike about their image, identity or design?


Q. Who is your target market or audience?


Q. What are the main objectives of this design project?

     eg. to create a new logo/brand, refresh an existing one, or the launch of a new service or product?


Q. How would you like your company, product or service to be perceived by your market or audience?


Q. Have you considered the tone, mood or style of the message you want to communicate?


Q. Do you have keywords or phrases that will help define the creative direction of this project?


Q. What is your deadline?


Q. What is your budget?

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